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Screw conveyors are used in various facets of the recycling technology.

- supply and removal of regrind
- supply and removal of small shredder good
- supply and removal of coarse shredder good
- dewatering of grinding and shredding good

- depending on the application, up to 5000 kg / h

- complete stainless steel
- combination of stainless steel and steel
- complete steel
- with dewatering screen and optionally a scraper to clean the screen automatically.
- performed with gate valve
- with frame and input and output hopper

Transportschroeven worden toegepast in verschillende facetten van de recycling techniek.


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Centrifuges for cleaning and / or drying plastic regrind.

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Float-sink separators

Float-sink separators for various applications and designs.

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Water treatment

 Water treatment plants in different configurations and capacities.

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Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors in different sizes, designs and applications.

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Dosing hoppers

Dosing hopper in various designs and applications.

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Sorting drums

Sorting drums for separating and / or washing grinding and shredding goods.

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Vibrating sieves

Vibrating screens for various applications and sizes.

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End product hoppers

End product hoppers in different versions. 

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Air treatment

Air treatment serving the dedusting of air and exhaust applications.

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Blow transport

Blow Transport in various sizes and designs.

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Belt conveyors

Beld conveyors in different versions.

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Metal detection

Metal detection for detecting metal in plastic streams. 

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