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Machinefabriek Otto Schouten BV was founded in 1961, with core values ​​of reliability, quality, innovation and flexibility.

We provide quality industrial products and services. Through our commitment to the development of machinery for the recycling industry, we also contribute to improving the environment.

in recent years we build mainly specialized machines for recycling and general industry.

With our years of experience we are ready to include your perfect job to perform.



Gijs Schouten started 30 years ago in the machine factory. In 1989 he take over the management from his father and became director of MOS. Gijs specialty is recycling technology.

Since October 2011, Gijs be assisted by Henk Bouman which is mainly involved with the machining department. Through his years of experience in the industry he knows better than anyone the tricks of the trade.

Besides Gijs and Henk there are skillfully trained, experienced and motivated people working at MOS. Together we will do everything to comply your needs.

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Henk Bouman 80x100

Gijs Schouten
Henk Bouman

Machinefabriek Otto Schouten pictured


Our company building in Giessen (southern of the Netherlands)


Machining department, equipped with overhead crane

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One of our production facilities