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MOS has over 50 years experience in mechanical engineering.
We carry out your orders for engineering, machining and construction so that you are always assured of the best quality.
Do you have ideas or wishes, we are happy to think along with you!

We are also specialized in developing and building machines for the plastic recycling.
With our years of experience we have built up a lot of skill in cleaning and separating various plastic streams. We can therefore deliver excellent standard and custom recycling equipment for your application.

Plastic recycling technology

home plastic recycling techniek

We are specialized in developing and building machines for the plastic recycling industry.

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Machine construction

home machinebouw

By a company history of over 50 years we have a lot of experience regarding machine construction in stainless steel and steel.

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home verspaning

Our machining department provides for a very diverse group of customers turned and milled products.

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Metal construction

home constructiewerk

MOS delivers according to your drawing or specifications constructions and sheet metal parts in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

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